It was on one of those rare occasions when you bump into a friend at the British Library. This is how I found myself being lead to dinner by Carol at the Betjeman Arms at St Pancras (not that I needed much persuading) next to the Renaissance Hotel. She had just had a long leisurely […]

The bit of London I am most familiar with would be  Camden, more specifically the area where the three stations of Euston, St Pancras and King’s Cross congregate. These are the three stations where I arrive in and exit from the capital. However, it was nice to have the time to walk around the new […]

It was boxing day and there were not that many businesses  open – we ended up at the Brunswick Centre and into the Hare and Tortoise. We ordered Malaysian street stall favourites: Char Kway Teow (Char Kuey Tiew), Laksa and some Chinese leaves to go with them. Given that the Hare and Tortoise is not […]

I went a few weeks ago and totally forgot I meant to write about it! It was a sunny day and I was set on sitting outside for lunch. Peni came with it and we sat out at Priory Place Rixs. They offered grilled meat and we both decided on the lamb. I also chose […]

Our conference is finished – Annie and I were shattered but we needed to eat before catching our separate trains. We started walking and stopped outside the Antalya Restaurant. A waitress gave us a table by the window. We started to relax. We had mint tea. We had some aubergine caviar and a spicey fresh […]

I was at a conference. My colleague had gone back to her hotel, we re both waiting for other colleagues for dinner. I love wandering around London, I have a terrible sense of direction and I get lost all the time. (even with google map on my phone). Anyway I passed a Thai restaurant and […]

When Sarah invited me to Chaophraya near the Bullring in Birmingham, I wasn’t too excited because I thought it was a buffet. But when I got there it soon became apparent that we were going A la Carte. I love sea food tom yum soup so I went for it while Sarah had the satay. […]